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Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra

The Angel Harps Steel Orchestra is perhaps Grenada's most well known steelband. "The Harps" or "The Wharf Band" as they are affectionately called by their fans and supporters, seem to have been around for as long as most people could remember steelband in Grenada. As the name 'The Wharf Band' suggests, the Harps has always been based in the Carenage (The Wharf) community but its membership has always been extended to persons living outside the community. Despite this though, the band has had deep ties with the community.

The "Harps" has over the last 43 years endured a life mixed with successes and failures, trials and tribulations and a number of changes in the sponsorship of the steel orchestra. Despite these mixed fortunes, the name and the band "Angel Harps" has always survived and today has graduated from being just another steelband and is now regarded as the "Institution of Pan" in Grenada. At Panorama each year, the objective of each steelband is to 'beat the Harps' whether the band is defending champion or not. Such is the satisfaction people enjoy when they beat the Harps.

The "Harps" has always been in the forefront of developing & promoting the artform in Grenada and has a number of firsts to its credit in Grenada's steelband history.

In 1972, under the baton of James Clarkson, the "Harps" became the first Grenadian steelband to appear in Concert with the Royal Grenada Police Force Band. Indeed, this was the first local mixture of steel & brass. That same year, there was another first by becoming the first Grenadian Steelband to produce a record album, Brighter out of Darkness recorded in Barbados, under the musical direction of James Clarkson and managerial assistance from Mr. Evelyn Ross.

The Harps also has the distinction of being the first Grenada steelband to appear in the National Panorama finals with the entire band under canopies and on wheels. This set the lead for all the other bands to follow.